Instructor: Hadrian Predock

Site: 95,000 sq. ft. Kinross & Veteran ave. Westwood, CA
Program: Museum for permanent exhibition (sculpture)
Size: 40.000 sq. ft.

This project is an exploration in which structural logic (span, depth, repetition, bulk, etc.) could derive an aesthetic regime and formal premise for the building. The spatial conditions through use of aperture, skin, and horizontal/vertical transitions became a reflection of the structural diagram and technical directive. This exploration resulted in a direct relationship between structural and volumetric hierarchy (program). The coordination of structure as a design opportunity was crucial. A reverse torsion scheme was implemented as the primary structure; having only two points of contact with the ground. The remainder of the load is distributed as tension across the plate roof and to the ground by two massive shear walls that bookend the building. The result, spatially, is two large multi-story troughs, naturally lit; also a horizontal, central core.

//physical model  

//diagram kit of parts  

//section plan diagram  

//structural analysis  

//physical model