Instructors: Mark Mack, Ben Refuerzo, Barton Myers, Jurg Lang

Site: 30’ x 90’ lot Linney Canal, Venice, CA
Program: single family residence
Size: 3500 SQ. FT.

This house is to be built for a developer, requesting that the house is mainly constructed of steel to deal with the perils of construction and environment in Southern California, such as fire, seismic and open space design. This client further asked for a speedy process of design and realization, in order to avoid lengthy regulatory slow downs and variances; on request the project has been carefully built within the boundaries of the site and consideration of the special surroundings of the site and its context has been taken into account; compliance with the current code and zoning regulations has been addressed. The client is also an admirer of the California case study houses, Eichler homes and Modernism in general. As a developer he would like to make a similar contribution to the culture of architecture only in more contemporary setting and infused with concerns of today, such as durability of construction, sustainability and the design of a prototypical project. The client is also interested in the idea of prefabrication and off site manufacturing of parts or sections of the house and in the possibility to use the design on other sites, such requiring a more generic use of space and amenities, along with large multi-usable spaces with high volumes and vertical spatial orientation, which will require large spans and moment frames mainly constructed of steel. In an effort to adhere to the clients requests the methods of detailing are simple, prefabricated and are built to be variable (i.e. the external louver system). The house is wrapped entirely of glass and enveloped by a dynamic louver system to provide privacy and solar shading.

//render southwest corner  

//skin envelope diagram  

//render south facade  

//elevation south  


//render section  

//section detail