Instructor: Judith Mussel

Program: A single unit capable of simple replication
Size: 12"filled cube (invisible)

The unit project increasingly complex tectonic assemblies created though the repetition of the single unit through use of simple rules and parameters. First, primary construction methods and material behaviors are explored empirically through physical models created of small units and specific connections. Next, the generative growth potential inherent in these components and their relational logics are explored through accumulation of parts and repetition of their rules of connection. The development of the connection detail and assembly produced a specific qualification of the joint: I.E> laminate, splice, stitch, nest, bind, bundle, pin, notch, rest, pinch. The connection technique along with the materiality of the unit implies inherent constraints and adaptability to the eventual agglomeration of the unit itself. The growth occurs laterally, in the X and Y dimension, and also vertically in the Z dimension. In order to achieve this type of three dimensional growth variations on the single unit have been implemented.

//3 units  

//unit connection  

//variable connection terminus  

//cluster types  

//unit clustering  

//physical model