Instructor: Roger Sherman

Site: 15.000 sq. ft. sunset n sherborne, hollywood, CA
Program: restaurant/ performance space/ club
Size: 24.000 sq. ft.

In today’s identity driven culture, the desire of real estate investors, institutions and municipal officials to imbue projects with the capacity to become a destination, lately has produced tension with engaging the gritty exigencies and realism of their surrounding contextual aesthetic. With the exception of a handful of projects like Bilbao, this has all too often translated to a parsing of disciplinary responsibility, wherein the fields of art, advertising and filmmaking (visual effects) are looked to as offering the power of public attraction, while architecture works comparatively in the background, managing interior function and reconciling it to exterior demands. The LA County Museum of Art did precisely this in commissioning Jeff Koons and Chris Burden to establish LACMA’s public presence and profile in a way that neither Renzo Piano’s self-effacing BCAM nor Peter Zumthor’s future designs have or will. It has been argued that this development is in no small part due to the fact that those other design disciplines are more comfortable in working with the more direct, or LITERAL forms of visual communication with which the public is fluent, in contrast to the more abstract, geometrical and plannerly medium of architecture, which is driven (at least of late) more by medium than by message.

With this as the discursive context, this project explores how architecture might recover its public agency, by employing the communicative and drawing power of LITERAL PRACTICES. Unfortunately standing in line is an inevitable reality of life in Los Angeles. This project exaggerates this fact in an attempt to develop programmable space from a distorted array of scale figures.

//render exterior  


//render interior  

//render exterior patio space  

//render exterior