Instructor: Craig Hodgetts

Site: 150.000 sq. ft. UCLA campus, Westwood, CA
Program: Architecture School (ucla)
Size: 50.000 sq. ft.

Although the existing AUD school building is a manageable size architectural project, it is organizationally very complex and perfomativelly challenging. The organizational solutions have to be on one hand open and connected and on the other hand isolated and disconnected. The building carefully delineate it’s relationship to the campus landscape, infrastructure and milieu. Overall, the building design needs to make a positive contribution to the campus as a whole and create an internal architectural and social landscape which is functional and atmospherically conductive to learning. This project, if it were to be manifested, would lie in place of the existing “aud” building (architecture/urban design; Perloff Hall). Initially the form was shaped from analysis of the studio/mainspace diagram. There after the values in which a student would circulate through a design school was accounted for by the roof design; the rest of the building was then was then resolved as a layered system assembled through use of the roof’s conceptual agenda. The roof houses the library and a covered exterior space. The design was ordered to promote interaction among multi-disciplinary students.

//physical model  


//render south facade  

//exploded axonometric  

//site plan  

//plan 1  

//plan 2  

//plan 3  

//render gallery space