Instructor: Micheal Ra (Front INC.)

Site: Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana
Program: High Speed Train Station
Size: 500.000 sq. ft.

This project was an exploration into the possible integration of diverse programmatic elements in coordination with a specific infrastructral backbone (high speed train station), along with an in depth examination of spatial organizing details. Resulting largely from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, this downtown site, adjacent to the Superdome, has become an area for petty crime, drug use and vandalism. In an attempt to gentrify and rejuvenate this once bustling downtown the high speed transit station established a new icon and destination for the city of New Orleans. Simple formal gesturing enhance the area by providing a community roof garden, made accessible by the undulating ground plane and pedestrian foot bridge; as a whole the building itself becomes spectacle through the use of rigorous interior and exterior detailing. The primary entry point grounds the terminal. A massive dome frames the space while simultaneously it pierces the roof garden providing a curious programmatic experience. The detailing of this dome highlights the building thus becoming its focal point.

//birds eye view  

//roof ceiling diagram  

//render interior  

//climate diagram  

//roof detail  

//interior render  

//dome primative  

//primary structure detail  


//render exterior