Instructor: Jason Payne

Program: an Abstraction [a Standard Skateboard Deck]
Size: 31" x 7.5" x 7/16"

Working with william morris textiles and the compound definition of the splint-deck and enables deployment of certain attributes shared by the latter two objects toward a new, third thing. This has been accomplished through prototyping, or the modeling of a series of initial forms poised for subsequent refinement. This prototypes are crude, involving only a select set of fundamental operations and attributes that have not yet evolved toward higher levels of specialization. This “prototyping” requires the transfer of the “friendly” attributes of the splint to deck. Simply put, imagine the skate deck might bend in ways already observed by the splint. The deck will order to be rendered (redefined) more supple through comparative analysis, and alludes to a limited (read:simple) set of new formal and material moves.


//eames splint  

//skate deck  

//deformed skate deck  

//physical model photos