Instructor: Jeffrey Inaba
collaborated with Sebastiano Zecchetto

Site: 15,000 sq. FT, sunset trip & La Cienega West hollywood, CA
Program: temporary exhibition space
Size: 30,000 sq. FT

Typically,the structure of a building is designed to reinforce an idea, or it is the idea. In other words, it may be designed concurrently with other elements of a building as a secondary element and not the generator of the form. And for aesthetic or economic reasons it may in some cases even assume a background role to the extent that it may be for all intents and purposes invisible—inoperative in the experience of architectural form. Alternatively, the structure may be the organizing idea, where the building’s form and structure are one in the same: the form is generated as structure and it is the architecture’s’ expression. The structure may even function as a didactic tool, omnipresent at all levels of the formal expression which conditions multiple scales of the architectural experience. Structure is all foreground.” This project explores structure and form as the central thematic of a building’s design.

Our Kunsthal proposition engages a structural concept of material weakness to allow a formal strategy and experience informed by specific material properties. Although robust construction methods and materials promote formal design freedom, the material qualities of glass suggest a more narrow “window” within the architectural form. Decisions concerning site massing, form, and distribution of program, are thus linked through this idea of design through material appropriateness, and the structural and experiential qualities of glass are exploited as means of cultivating a new gallery experience.

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