Instructor: Kevin Daly

Site: Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
Program: charter highschool/ residence/ infratructure
Size: 200.000 sq. ft.

The word “program” is in quotations because this project is firstly a challenge to our disciplinary theory of the program through a series of pointed investigations. First will be a unique exploration to program infrastructure in the particular urban setting of Koreatown. In the simplest construction, program is whatever architects receive from clients that outline a building’s function. It is here that architecture merges with planning, building becomes types, and inhabitation’s dynamic nature becomes fixed. But this simple definition discredits the program’s creative possibilities and the architect’s role therein. Beginning with the assumption that infrastructures govern architecture in ways we take for granted. If integration of a strong, new infrastructure regime(in this case, ties to water, energy, transit), significant transformation of the urban and architectural program can occur.

A generic parking structure as infrastructure became the impetus of this project. The design stemmed from the ironic ideal that parking is all that LA requires–to serve the car crazed life style people of Los Angeles have become slave to; a generic parking garage could be better suited to other uses–especially ones to which long spans and open plans are crucial elements. The school became a ports charter and at ground level locked into the recreational facilities located in the center of the parking structure, the structure then acts grand stand. The residences are located at the southeast corner of the site and are separated by parking and a sectioned off by green space.

//diagram infrastructure  

//render exterior  

//plan level 2  

//plan typical upper level  

//southern elevation